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UAE Detentions without due process continue with no end in sight

Mosaab Ramadan has been held in a detention facility for over 400 days, without having been charged or prosecuted. He is not alone. In wake of the UAE's increased security concerns, prisons have been filling up.

Human Rights Organisations have been lobbying for their release or for their prosecution. Amongst the detainees is an Emirati named Dr Nasser bin Ghaith, who is an activist and has been previously detained for offending the State.

We have spoken with the families of dozens who have been detained without seeing a Judge, without seeing a lawyer and without prosecution. Human Rights Organisations are alleging "forced disappearnces" and are concerned for the possibility of human rights violations and even torture.

Preventative measures are required to protect a the country from serious security threats, though the lawlessness of permitting lengthy detentions without due process is open to abuse. If anyone can be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely for "security reasons", then this is a human rights breach in itself.

Where security is concerned, there is no requirement for evidence of suspected offences. There is no requirement to prosecute or be sentences. There is no requirement to uphold the rights of the detainees.

Families of detainees call for the urgent review of prisoners being held without sentencing.

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