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Ravinda Krishna Pillai Executed in the UAE this Morning

We are sad to report that despite efforts, Ravinda was executed this morning in Sharjah by a Firing Squad, the UAE's standard execution method.

Friends and fellow inmates described Mr Ravinda as an "honest, good-natured young man who loved his wife and family dearly".

Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai says:

"Ravinda should never have been charged with pre meditated murder, given the circumstances that lead to the death. Mr Ravinda at 19 years old, was trying to escape a sexual attack, resulting in the unintentional death of the perpetrator". Mr Ravinda was merely trying to escape when he inadvertently hit the still pursuing deceased, with the deceased's own car". By way of the UAE's own laws, this can not be ruled murder. This case should have been immediately scrutinised, given that the ultimate punishment was issued.

I hope that the UAE reviews its procedures and policies and takes extra care in the future when issuing the death penalty.

We extend our deepest sympathies to Ravinda's family and friends".

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